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Finding the beaver(s)



Follow us on a exiting tour to see where the beaver lives and try to find and see him! There are two possibilities, take a guided tour with us on our big raft along the river or take a hike with one of our guides. The best time of the day to look efter beaver is in the evening, then they are most active.


Possibility 1, Find the beaver on a guided tour with our raft.

We start at our home (lögdeånäset 36, 91492 Lögdeå) where everybody gets his life vest and take the car together with the raft, to the spot where we start on the river. We are gently floating down the river and have our eyes and ears wide open and our camera ready! We are not only trying to find the living and hiding places of the beaver. Whe also have a good chance to spot other kinds of animals and birds who are living in and around the river. The tour takes about 3 ours and includes a swedish fika with coffee at a landing spot. At the and of the tour we help each other out to get the raft on the boattrailer again and drive back to our home.


Possibility 2, Find the beaver on a hike with one of our guides.

We start att our home (lögdeånäset 36, 91492 Lögdeå) and start from there or we take the car togetheter, depending on where along the river most beavers are active at that moment. The hike takes about 3 ours we can adjust the level of difficulty so that the hike is suitable for everyone, also for children and elderly people. On our way we have a stop with Swedish fika and coffee.  When we have our eyes and ears open you have a good chance to see other animals and birds living along the river. Hold your camera ready!



• Guided tour with raft approximatly 3 hours including life vests and Swedish fika. Price € 80,- p.p. (min. 3 pers, or 2 grown ups and 2 children). Children under 15 years € 35,- p.p. For security reasons children can only follow when they are able to swim!

• Hike with one of our guides approximatly 3 hours including Swedish fika, Price € 60,- p.p. (min. 3 pers, or 2 grown ups and 2 children 5-15 years). Children 5-15 years € 35,- p.p. Children 0-5 years old can follow for free


* Children under 15 years old always have to have  companionship of a grown up.
** All participation takes place at your own risk
***We have no responsibility for materials such as photocameras, telefons and other personal belongings.

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