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For all kinds of back, neck and muscle pain, or just enjoy the relaxing feeling of a good massage.

Back & Neck treatment


Dorn therapy treats all kinds of back and neckpain Approx.50 minutes   65,- Euro
Craniosacral therapy relaxing and for longtime problems and pain. Approx. 60 minutes  65,- euro
AromaTouch Therapy Relaxing massage with healing oils for boosting immune system and positive benefits for the whole body and mind. Approx. 50 minutes 70,- euro



Book a treatment with our therapist Janneke. She is specialized in Dorn Therapy for all kind of problems, Craniosacral Therapy for relaxation and (longterm)problems in the whole body.

Janneke works a lot with doTerra etheric oils as a wonderful complement in her treatments. It is also possible to book a AromaTouch massage, a relaxing massage with specific oils to boost your immune system, body and brain. 

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